Recent & Upcoming Talks


Universality and the evolution of aspectual adverbials
A proposal for a templatic approach to aspectual adverbials.
Equake - drop-down console written in elisp
A demonstration of a drop-down console written in Emacs Lisp.
Spanish Aspectual Adverbials
An examination of Spanish aspectual adverbials.
The Uniform Treatment of Adverbials Hypothesis
An argument for a microsemantic/templatic treatment of aspectual adverbials.


Anatomy of Hungarian aspectual particles
An examination of the inner structure of Hungarian aspectual particles like mégis.


History of kakarimusubi-like constructions in Sinhala and Dravidian
An examination of particle constructions in Sinhala and Dravidian, with comparison to Japanese.


Formal analysis of novel morphological processes in Rasta talk
A formal account of overstandings and I-words in Rasta talk.


Overstanding Idren: Special Features of Rastafari English Morphology
An investigation of two morphological processes in Dread Talk.