Equake - drop-down console written in elisp


Brief demonstration (5 minute) of the equake package, a drop-down console in the style of Yakuake/Guake for (e)shell and terminal emulation, implemented in Emacs Lisp. Equake provides access to various shells and terminal emulators, including Emacs’ own shell (an Emacs wrapper around the current system shell), term and ansi-term, (both terminal emulators, emulating VT100-style ANSI escape codes, like xterm does), and eshell (a shell written entirely in Emacs Lisp); with experimental support for rash (a shell written in Racket (=PLT Scheme)). Equake provides monitor-specific tabs, which can be renamed and re-ordered. Frame splitting of course is supported by default in Emacs. Each tab can contain a different shell or terminal emulator, thus one could run eshell in one tab, ansi-term in another tab, rash in a third tab, &c. and quickly switch between them.

2 Nov 2019 6.00 PM — 6.10 PM
emacsconf online - https://emacsconf.org/2019/
Benjamin Slade
Benjamin Slade
Associate Professor of Linguistics

My research interests include formal semantics and syntax, historical linguistics, South Asian and Caribbean languages, and the use of computational concepts in formal linguistics.