Compound verbs in Indo-Aryan


An overview of Indo-Aryan compound verbs (CVs), a particular sort of verb-verb collocation where one of the verbal elements behaves as a ‘light verb’, that is with much of its normal semantic content bleached, which modifies the other (‘main’) verb. Common ‘light’ (or vector) verbs in Indo-Aryan (IA) include GIVE, TAKE, GO, COME, FALL, RISE.

The Languages and Linguistics of South Asia: A Comprehensive Guide. edited by Hans Henrich Hock & Elena Bashir. The World of Linguistics. Berlin: De Gruyter, 559–567.
Benjamin Slade
Benjamin Slade
Associate Professor of Linguistics

My research interests include formal semantics and syntax, historical linguistics, South Asian and Caribbean languages, and the use of computational concepts in formal linguistics.