Grammatica et verba/Glamor and verve: Studies in South Asian, historical, and Indo-European linguistics in honor of Hans Henrich Hock on the occasion of his seventy-fifth birthday


This collection of essays in honour of the distinguished linguist Hans Henrich Hock ranges over nearly as many topics as the honorand himself has explored over the many decades of his fruitful career. The contributions include studies on the structure of Andamanese, agreement in Tibeto-Burman, the pre-Indo-European linguistic landscape of Europe, nasals in Sanskrit, Albanian dialectology, and the syntax of English song lyrics, to name just a few. Such scholars as Jost Gippert, Jennifer Cole, Steven Schäufele, K. V. Subbarao, and Jared Klein have helped make this volume a worthy and multifaceted tribute.

Ann Arbor, Michigan: Beech Stave Press
Benjamin Slade
Benjamin Slade
Associate Professor of Linguistics

My research interests include formal semantics and syntax, historical linguistics, South Asian and Caribbean languages, and the use of computational concepts in formal linguistics.