Blog posts ensue

I’m still working on the back-end technology, but hopefully more blog posts should start appearing here soon(ish), acting as a (prettier and less privacy-invading blogspot-ish) continuation of my old linguistics blog, Stæfcræft & Vyākaraṇa.

If you’re interested in my musings scribblings on topics outside of natural language, you might visit my other blog, The Neo-Babbage Files.

In the meantime, here’s a clever Nepali tongue-twister my wife came up with:p

पारसीले परसि फरसि खान्छ रे

pārsī parsi pharsi khāncha re

“[They say:] A/The Parsi (Zoroastrian) will eat (some) pumpkin the day after tomorrow.”

पारसी (pārsī) is “Parsi”, परसि (parsi) is “the day after tomorrow”, and फरसि (pharsi) is “pumpkin” (often in the sense of a pumpkin dish). (रे (re) is a Nepali quotative particle.)

Benjamin Slade
Benjamin Slade
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